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After a wet cool spring, a lot of fertilizing and liming was made difficult or near impossible with the constant rains. Many farmers are struggling to overcome the negative effects of less than optimal weather. Don’t let poor weather and negative conditions effect your production. It is not too late to make a difference in this years crop. Bio-Liquid Calcium is fast acting and can be applied during growth or after the first cutting and will get straight into the soil and make a big difference not only in this growing season but also for the next couple years.

 Bio-Liquid Calcium is a liquid form way to lime the soil, but in a faster more effective way, all while being on average half the cost of dry lime. Liquid Calcium can be applied with a standard sprayer, without worry of corrosion or clogging up the sprayer. In this form the calcium is immediately available to the soil and goes to work right away raising soil pH and releasing needed bound up nutrients in the soil to the plant. Often lime does not breakdown enough to even provide the soil with the correct amount of needed calcium. Bio-Active Liquid Calcium is the purest way to lime the soil without the impurities and breakdown time of crude dry lime. 

Liquid Calcium has been studied and proven by 9 land grant universities that back the effectiveness of liquid calcium in fixing soil conditions and improving growth. AgriTec is a family owned company since 1976, and has helped thousands of farmers around the country in the past 5 years, save money on lime and fix soil pH.

Importance of Soil pH:

Soil pH is primarily an indicator for many combined issues in the soil. These issues can equate to seriously decreasing soil production and decrease the output of your fields. Calcium has many rolls in the soil and the plant, aside from directly affecting pH. Calcium is responsible for nutrient availability and uptake to the plant. Decreased soil pH can reduce the availability of nutrients in the soil by as much has 50%. When calcium is applied, and pH is raised these nutrients are released and become available to the plant, providing much better growth. This issue also directly affects fertilizer, when fertilizer is applied to low pH soil, half of that fertilizer is wasted and will not be available to the plant. This equates to wasted money and lost production potential.

Grain: As many farmers know, not having the proper nutrients in the soil can break a crop and seriously hurt production. Soil pH plays a big factor in this equation, because improper pH indicates a nutrient imbalance in the soil. When calcium levels get too low nutrients can't move properly to the plant. Bio-active calcium is best applied early in the spring before planting, to raise low pH levels and boost the crop straight from green up.

Weeds: Low soil pH also results in increased weed growth. These pests like broom sage or sage grass can be eliminated when soil pH is corrected. Bio-Liquid calcium has proven to rid fields of weeds and prevent germination of things such as sage grass.

Liquid calcium not only saves on the cost of lime but can decrease fertilizer costs and herbicide costs, and most importantly increase plant growth and output. Users have consistently seen up to a 45% increase in production on hay, corn, beans, alfalfa, wheat and more.

Orchard: Calcium is required for the health of the tree, in all the tissues, as well as in the fruit which is being produced. The fruit cannot compete with the needs of the tree, when calcium levels are low. As a result, calcium deficiency issues can be seen first in the fruit. In apples, a calcium deficiency can be seen as a disorder called bitter pit. Bitter pit is a physiological breakdown of the cell wall of the fruit, just below the skin.
Calcium (Ca) deficiency:
Deficiency also affects the growing points of the plant. Growing points may die, as a result.
Younger leaves are also affected and are the first to show the effects of deficiency.
Root tips can also die and root growth is slow. Both of these issues will negatively affect absorption of all nutrients.
Crop yield can be reduced

AgriTec's Liquid Calcium and Bio-Activators:

Pro-Cal: Liquid calcium for raising soil pH and liming soil. Applied with a sprayer, concentrated and purified to get rid of the impurities of dry lime, and eliminate breakdown time.

Advanced-Cal: Liquid calcium for liming the soil mixed with micronutrients and organic matter to boost plant photosynthesis and increase carbon energy in the soil to boost root growth, and yield of the crop.

Bio-Act: Mixture of 72 trace minerals and micro-nutrients. Provides a boost to growth and output of on average 30%.

Form 14-72: Blend of 14% nitrogen and 72 trace minerals and micronutrients. Works great on corn, hay and pasture to increase nitrogen in the plant resulting in dramatic growth increase.

Why use tons of lime on your fields that won't be available to your soil or plant for  at least six months to a year or more when you can use 2.5 - 3 gal of Bio-Active Liquid Calcium per acre which is 100% available after being applied. This is the best way to treat winter cover crops or prepare for next years growth.

What just a few of AgriTec's customers are saying:

"I sprayed Bio-Activator and Liquid calcium on my beans 3 weeks ago, I can already tell the difference, they look so different from the other beans. I am going to use it on everything next year." - Tim B NC

"My fields no longer have broom sage or weeds. The hay was so thick I had trouble cutting it. That's why I need some more liquid calcium for my other field it just doesn't look good. I don't want just the liquid Calcium I want it loaded with the Bio-Activator." Robert T AR

"I wanted to let you know this was a field that we separated and treated half with your liquid calcium last fall. To say the least I am very impressed. We got 7 round bales per acre off this field and last year it was only producing around 4 bales per acre. Thanks again!" - John K.

"We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using Liquid calcium." - NE

My foodplots were monstrous, I have never seek growth like that. We really had the deer come in. David C IL 2017

Liquid Calcium is the most effective way to lime soil, and can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the cost of trucking and spreading dry lime.

AgriTec's products have been proven to work time and time again. Servicing over a million acres a year and growing. Join the thousands of other farmers in using liquid calcium to manage your soil pH, and liquid fertilizers to restore needed nutrients to the soil.

AgriTec has crop Ag Advisors ready to answer all your questions and to help make your field the envy of all your neighbors. We stand behind our products and our customers. Our goal is to keep you from experience bad growth and under performing fields, and to give you results beyond anticipation.

AgriTec will ship your order directly to you at no additional cost. Call to speak with a local soil adviser for pricing and more information on using liquid calcium to raise your soil pH levels and add liquid fertilizer to your growing program to more effectively add nutrients to your soil.

Family owned and operated since 1976.

CALL (888) 953-3379

Web: AgriTecInt.com


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